HELIFLEX® France Authentique

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Heliflex® spiral hose is the invention of a Greek engineer, “Heli” as Helicoidal “Flex” as flexible for its flexibility. The patent was filed in France in 1963, and the business began in 1967.

Any builder, user, winemaker, dairy factory, shipyard, construction industry, construction works machinery rentals, swimming pools/spas, plumbing, sanitations, domestic use, garden, uses a spiral hose from Heliflex® technology.

Heliflex® France is synonymous of quality innovation and mechanical strength, high-end raw materials.

Engineers from the Heliflex® France Hose Inventor Plant strengthen our PVC production team.

Pipes compliant with European regulations and directives, EN, Reach, ISO CEE standards.

HELIFLEX® Food, HELIFLEX® Industry, HELIFLEX® Technique, HELIFLEX® Ventilation, HELIFLEX® SPA Pool, HELIFLAT® Flat Discharge, HELIFLEX® Gardenning, HELIFLEX® Food Rubber are the sectors of activity of HELIFLEX FRANCE. They define the big segments we are working on with our diverse range of products.